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SpaceX CRS-14 Launch Day

Made my way back out to Kennedy Space Center on Monday, specifically the LC-29 Observation Gantry, to witness the launch of SpaceX's CRS-14. Taking off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's LC-40, the launch marked the 14th Dragon resupply mission SpaceX will fly to the International Space Station as part of their first CRS (Commercial Resupply Services) contract with NASA.

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Falcon Heavy Test Flight

Earlier this afternoon, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket took off from Launch Pad 39-A on it’s first test flight from Cape Canaveral, Florida, officially making it the most powerful operational rocket on the planet. This was an event that I have been looking forward to for over years, with multiple delays pushing the launch date back further and further. But on this beautiful sunny day, I ventured out to the Florida coast to join the 100,000 spectators expected to gather and watch a 23-story-tall rocket soar into the sky.

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